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Ana Sidel, Mexican rock star well known for her very powerful and engaging performances as well as her strong sexy voice and flamboyant theatrical stage appearance now creates her own unique style of Latino-Power-Rock, called, Maricahi Glam Rock or Rockiachi.

Ana's previous project in 2011 "La Wanga" a hybrid feel with infectious dance music, La Wanga bridges the gap between Latino and American pop. Moon Rhythm Productions created this group from the ground up, pairing talents Marcus Nand and Ana Sidel to create an edgy new sound. Their hybrid style, a combination of Latin rock and American electronic pop, seamlessly blends two cultural music styles into irresistible dance tracks.

Born in the "Urban Jungle" of México City, Ana aka "La Flaka", started her career as a cub journalist writing for various radio stations, music trade publications and various entertainment production companies in Mexico City (RADIO - ACTIVO, EXPRESSION MUSICAL, OCESA) collaborating with vendors and writing concert reviews. After a few years, Ana discovered that her true love for music was in performing. She soon became the lead singer of the legendary band "La Maquina del Sonido" with Armando Molina (Avandaro Music Festival organizer) and Paco Gruexo. Ana also fronted for the Mexican rock band, “Los Corridos” featuring the Laboriel brothers.

At the age of 20 and after gaining valuable experience in Mexico, Ana decided the time was right to leave home. With a mere fifty dollars, a one-way ticket and the dream of breaking into the American music scene, Ana moved to Los Angeles. She immediately became the female front of the "LA Mixers" a group founded by Giovanni Arriolla , Oscar del Pinal and Greg Freeman, members of the new movement of Spanish rock in Los Angeles.

A few years later and along with the support of her former band members Ana followed her own path and ventured forward as a “Solo Artist” with the self-titled CD: Ana Sidel “ A Solas…”

“A Solas…” produced by Guillermo Pascual (Vilma Palma, Angeles del Infierno, Mike Tramp), collaborating with several globally renowned recording artists and musicians. They include; Carmine Rojas (Celia Cruz, David Bowie, Miguel Bose, Carlos Santana, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, Joe Bonamassa, Julian Lennon and John Waite), Brian Tichi (Billy Idol, Foreigner, Whitesnake,Velvet Revolver, Ozzy Osbourne), Joe Travers (Duran Duran, Zappa Plays Zappa), Al Pahanish (Powerman 5000, Courtney Love, Mike Tramp), Jerry Best (Courtney Love, Freak of Nature and Linda Perry), JD (Black Label Society) and Marus Nand (La Wanga, Freak of Nature, Ziroq).

The controversial media driven song “ Chinga Like a Loca” sparked passionate debate in the Latino community due to its lyrical content. This controversy resulted in Ana's debut in the movie industry. The song was also featured on the soundtrack for the Latino film, “Desert of Blood”.

2007 also marks Ana’s big screen debut as an actress with her role as “Maya” in the Mexican/Canadian film “ The Dead Sleep Easy” with Martin Kove (The Karate Kid), the legendary singer Alex Lora, “El Tri” the world famous wrestler “Vampiro Canadians” and Dave Courney the self-proclaimed former British gangster and author.

Ana’s career in the Mexican music scene as both a young reporter and singer, including her journey to Los Angeles as journalist and then a singer was acknowledged in the documentary, “Rock n Roll Made in Mexico: From Evolution to Revolution” released in 2008.

During her career, Ana has had the good fortune to share the stage with several popular Mexican and Latin America rock and pop bands such as "EL Tri", "Elly Guerra", "Aleks Syntek", "La Lupita", "Kenny y los Electricos", "Lucybell", " Victimas del Dr. Cerebro", "Heroes del Silencio, Rostros Ocultos" among others and performed in all main venues and clubs in Mexico and Los Angeles.

Coming soon Ana's new material and video release "Huraño"


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